49ers vs Cardinals Football Battle Prediction Week 4

49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction
49ers vs Cardinals Week 4

49ers come up to meet with Cardinals after a tragic loss against Rams. Yeah, it’s true that it’s a perfect melancholy for the team San Francisco. Similarly to the 49ers, the same thing happened with the team Arizona. They also feel glum after losing against Cowboys by a huge margin (28-17). Although 49ers lost the match they have still some positives that they may apply to Sunday match. On the other hand, Cardinals had the chance to win against Cowboys but some mistakes from the offensive end could not make this happen.

As both teams lost their previous game, they both want to bring back their lost caliber. But one team will get the opportunity to conquer the football battle. 49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction will be shown that how and why a certain team will grab the match. In the 49ers vs Cardinals game prediction part, we will analyze their individual strength and the possibilities of winning the Sunday Football battle. Let’s see what will be going to happen on the Sunday Football battle through a prediction.

49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction

In the week 4 Arizona host San Francisco for the battle. Before the do or die match both teams perhaps practice a lot to survive the contest. Cardinals may use one of the best weapons Carson Palmer on the defensive line in order to neutralize the 49ers. On the contrary, San Francisco uses Aaron Lynch, Solomon Thomas, and DeForest Buckner to survive in the contest.

In the last season, San Francisco failed to win a game except for the won against Los Angeles. In this sense, Arizona was in a good position in the last season where they won 7 of 16 games including two times won against the San Francisco. But miraculously the 49ers lead the all-time series by 29-22 with the Cardinals. Similarly to the last season, San Francisco’s present season so far is not good enough. On the contrary, Arizona so far in a good touch in the NFL 2017. So, 49ers vs Cardinals game prediction goes 70% winning chances of the Cardinals.

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