Top 10 San Francisco 49ers Football Fans Site

Best 10 Site San Francisco 49ers Football Fans

top 10 Sites  San Francisco 49ers Sites

Are you a San Francisco 49ers junkie? Need some news or updates on the team? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below are the top 10  San Francisco 49ers Sites that every 49ers fan needs in their life. Enjoy!

Top 10 San Francisco 49ers Football Fans Site
Top 10 San Francisco 49ers Football Fans Site

For News: CSN Bay area

Whether its preseason, during the season, or postseason, this fan site is updated regularly and has great information and news about the 49ers year round. Matt Maiocco does a great job of relaying important team information to his readers in a professional and unbiased way. So, what are you waiting for? Go start reading!

For Forums: 49erswebzone

If you’re a fan, there’s no better place to discuss and debate all things niners than Here, you can not only learn about niners news and updates, but you can also start riveting discussions with your fellow niners fans. It’s like being a kid in a candy shop!

For Apps : bleacherreport

This app is a must if you want to stay updated on all things 49ers. The best part about it is that it covers other teams as well, so you can make fun of your friends as you watch their teams lose. Remember, however, to keep it friendly…as you laugh in their face.

For Live Score :

This is a great resource if you want to stay updated on current, and even past scores. You can go down the list and relive all the victories of the 49ers.

For Radio:

This is the best website to listen to all the 49ers news as it provides fans with links to every radio broadcast out there! You’ll have your fill of 49ers facts, news, and information. So, go start listening.

 For Live : Streaming Online :

What better place to watch the 49ers game than on the 49ers website? You’ll see the game in the highest quality possible…unless you’re watching it on live television. thus it has taken place at the list of top 10  San Francisco 49ers Sites.

For Blog: EsPN

Mike Sando’s writing has been described as, “unbiased,” as he just gives the football facts. It’s a great place for you to be able to hear about 49ers news and stay up-to-date throughout the season.


Need to know when the niners are playing? How about who they’re playing? Check out the team schedule at

for jersey:

Want to find the best niners jerseys? is the best website (other than the official team website) to grab a niners jersey and show your support of your favorite team.

For predictions: profootballzap

Whether you want to make your own predictions, or see what others think will happen in the upcoming season, this is the site for you. With links to everything niners, this has all the information you’ll need to make your own predictions. It’s like being a psychic! this site is one the most searched top 10  San Francisco 49ers Sites.

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