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Welcome to the San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders videos page.This page features varieties of gold rush cheerleaders video performances. The San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders is a group of young ladies full of talent and immense energy in sports as well as special events entertainment. The 49ers videos are as captivating as the smiles of the awesome performers whose flexibility and energy is remarkable.

San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders Video 2017
San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders Video 2018

San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders Videos

Gold Rush Squad 2016

Gold Rush Squad 2015

49ers Cheerleaders Audition Watch Live Videos

To be a cheerleader in this group takes a lot of effort as well as dedication. Beginning with the rigorous auditions, one has to participate in high-energy tryouts and training which eventually form their routine. Following link help you experience how the most talented cheerleaders are hunt and selected.

San Francisco 49ers  Gold Rush Cheerleaders Auditions 2018 video

San Francisco 49ers  Gold Rush Cheerleaders Auditions 2016 video

San Francisco 49ers  Gold Rush Cheerleaders Auditions 2015 video

San Francisco 49ers  Gold Rush Cheerleaders Auditions 2014 video

Gold Rush Interviews

To know from your favorite cheerleaders about how it feels to be cheerleaders and about their personal life, follow the links below..

Gold Rush Off Fields

The gold rush squad members have to go through a lot of off-field stuffs like practice,try out,groaning sessions etc.However, to watch how they prepare for stunning performances and what they do, click on the following links.

49ers Cheerleaders Off Field Video

49ers Gold Rush NFC Championships Videos

San Francisco Forty Niners Gold Rush Cheer leaders

49ers Gold Rush International Performance

As an established cheerleading team Gold Rush has been around for 33 years. The San Francisco 49ers prides itself in being among the foremost performance groups in the NFL. It is a internationally popular group which not only cheers the home team-49er, but also brings joy through entertainment in other events across the world. Following links are of 49ers’ NFL International Series performance,Tailgate party at Wembley.

Gold Rush Girls – 49er Cheerleaders

Tailgate Party – NFL International Series 2010 London – San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Cheerleaders