Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers Review Highlights NFL

Dallas Cowboys vs San Francisco 49ers 2016: Highlights

Week 4:Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 4:25p ET

The  Sunday, October 2,  the famous rivals Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers had a fantastic match in Santa Clara, California. This  time around the Dallas Cowboys was fitter but did not win by a very big margin. The scores were Dallas Cowboys 24 – San Francisco 49ers 17 in the cowboys vs 49ers 2016 match.

Dez Bryant, Tony Romo together with two linemen out injured, the Dallas Cowboys turned the tables with their skilled players who play football without mistakes. Ezekiel Elliott managed to run 138 yards and made a touchdown. Dak Prescott made two scores boosting the Dallas Cowboys to lead by 14 points and in the end defeating their rivals by seven points.

Game analysis and Player Reactions

“This is an awesome group,” said Rayne Dakota Prescott. “I think the win just demonstrates the character. We had more folks go down a week ago and folks needed to venture in. They took care of business. The subject I figure out could state is whether some individual goes down, simply venture up and carry out your employment. In addition, we’ve made a decent showing with regards to. “The winners fell in a 14-point gap ahead of schedule during the 2nd half before taking the lead using their key players who have foreseen Dallas Cowboys start vigorously this season.  Romo has been hospitalized for special treatment due to an injury. Things became harder this week when stars Bryant, Tryon Smith, and La’el Collins were absent.

Prescott again made 245 yards then passed to Terrance Williams a 20-yard touchdown, 4-yarder to Brice Butler tying the game during half time. Elliott was next with 96 yards rushing during the last half together with a 1-yard run which gave the Cowboys a spectacular lead with lots of jubilation from fans in the 3rd quarter. Elliott, a player, also said, “We just all came together. That’s what it was. We have a lot of faith in each other. There wasn’t any point in that game where any of us worried on that sideline. We knew what we could do and we knew we were beating ourselves.”

Best NFL Rivalry

The match, cowboys vs 49ers 2016, is one of the great inter-division rivalry games in the NFL. These two teams have been longtime rivals who play once every three years. The games  happen due to the NFL’s rotating division schedules or play the following season if both teams finish in the same place in their respective divisions. The cowboys vs 49ers rivalry is ranked as the eighth best NFL rivalry. The future scores are not yet clear since the two teams are balanced performance-wise and show a sign of improvement.

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