SF 49ers Facebook Fans

San Francisco 49ers Facebook Fans

San Francisco 49ers Facebook Fans page regularly gives  updates  pictures, videos, news. Moreover, It  also shares players personal events like  birthdays, outing etc. It posts a  plenty of information about the team in order to keep fans up to date. The page itself feels like a personal connection between the team and their fans.

Currently the official Facebook  fans page of San Francisco 49ers has 4,213,081 active fans  and 3,884,335 people follow the page  to get every single information of 49ers.This page keeps  a relationship with their fans by posting plenty of pictures with team members, promoting shared and comments, and can boast to thousands of likes on their posts. The fans seem to appreciate such an approachable, dynamic  social media page.

Cheerleaders on 49ers Facebook fans page :

Side by side posting of players , coaches and game highlights , San Francisco 49ers Facebook Fans regularly shares recent updates of Gold Rush squad. For instance, San Francisco 49ers Facebook fans page  shares Cheerleaders videos, photos, interview and outing of  cheerleaders. Thousands of San Francisco 49ers Facebook fans do like, comment and share those Facebook posts.

San Francisco 49ers Facebook Fans: Cheerleader Audition


San Francisco 49ers Facebook Fan  page opens up an event page for Cheerleader Auditions per year. The Facebook audition page contains the details of entire auditions. It has dates, place, schedules and guidelines for the aspirant upcoming cheerleaders. 49ers’s  ” 2018 Gold Rush Audition” Facebook event page is up for them. the hopefuls can keep eyes on it to have important notifications.

The page also promotes the other social media outlets in order to keep in touch with their fans, such as Google Plus, YouTube  and Twitter. Hence  fans can get an all rounded experience from a variety of social media pages and outlets. The San Francisco  49ers fans page  even has an app advertised within the Facebook sight so that tickets are available at your fingertips.


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San Francisco 49ers | 3,813+
San Francisco 49ers | 3,940+ www.facebook.com/groups/sanfrancisco49ers.livefootballchat
Team Niners Magazine | 3,800+
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