Top 10  San Francisco 49ers Best Players 2018

San Francisco 49ers Players
San Francisco 49ers Players 2018

The San Francisco 49ers is starting their year with only a few notable players, at least in comparison to their previous years and to other teams. It’s a good thing they have the second overall pick in the NFL Draft, and there’s also free agency. That have helped them build a stronger roster this off season and reinforce 49ers best players 2018.

The practice is often addition-by-subtraction, so figuring out who the best players are in team and for specific positions will help greatly in strategically picking new players. For this year, those who did the best for the red and gold are the following 49ers best players 2018.

1. Colin Kaepernick (Quarterback)

Saving 49ers game play this year after Blaine Gabbert was benched was Colin Kaepernick. Many would say that he is not as good as he used to, but he was at least able to perform 16 to 14 touchdown to interception ratio.He has numerous fans on his side for his charismatic athletic career.

2. Carlos Hyde (Running Back)

It was in week 16,2016 when Hyde suffered from an MCL sprain, ending what many expect to be a career highlight season for him. Carlos was 49ers hope for a good offensive play, and even if his season ended early because of an injury, he is still one of their best players. Because of the injury though, 49ers might need to get him some back up for the coming season.

3. Jeremy Kerley (Wide Receiver)

As proof to his great performance the previous season, Jeremy Kerley just signed a $10.5 million contract that extends his stay with the 49ers for 3 more years. Lucky for this team’s quarterback, he actually has a decent throw. Even if the 49ers had sixth lowest scoring offense in the NFL, they at least kept one of the reasons why they weren’t the worst.

4. Vance McDonald (Tight End)

McDonald was playing a good year. He caught a 75-yard touchdown pass during the 49ers-Panther game and continued to perform well all season long until his injury during week 14. Since then, he’s been on the team’s injured reserve. This should not worry anyone though. He is signed with the team for 5 more years.

5. LT Joe Staley (Offensive Line)

Staley is a safe choice for the 49ers because he delivers even at his age. He’s truly a veteran in making sure the offensive line is covered. And  it’s clear that he will continue to do so for many more seasons. He will be with the team until 2019.

6. DeForest Buckner (Defensive Line)

Last season, the best man on the defensive line for the 49ers is Buckner. In fact, he anchored the entire defensive side for them, which is good news because fellow defensive line player Arik Armstead is still not a hundred percent after his shoulder injury.

7. Gerald Hodges (Inside Linebacker)

Ranking third in the team for the most tackles at 52, Hodges was a great alternative to NaVorro Bowman who was out most of the season because of an injury. Judging by his performance, the team might actually want this free agent to stay.

8. Eli Harold (Outside Linebacker)

Harold is probably not everyone’s favorite because of his performance the past two years, but because this season is full of injuries for the 49ers, he was able to really contribute to the team. Whether his performance continues to improve is definitely one to watch.

9. Jimmie Ward (Cornerback)

Ward may have not been the fan’s favorite for the team, but he earned his spot when tried to match to the many best receivers this season. So far, he’s handling defensive play really well, with 53 tackles, 12 breakups and 1 interception.

10. Antoine Bethea (Safety)

Despite having been released last month, Bethea played an amazing season for the 49ers. He had a total 92 tackles, the best in the team, and one of the few highlights of their entire defense. Unfortunately, Bethea just signed a 3-year contract with the Cardinals.

Fan hope these will bring another NFC and Superbowl championship this time.

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