GB Packers vs 49ERS Rivalry

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry : A Tougher

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry
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The historic Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry goes back to 1950. Niners debuted into the NFC owing to its merger with the AFC. The two teams faced off for the first time on Nov 26, 1950, where the Packers outplayed 49ers 25-21. Talking about the overall head-to-heads, Packers and Niners met for 66 times including regular and postseason games. Niners and Packers met twice every year with a few exceptions where they played only once.

Packers vs 49ers Rivalry : Analysis

The Packers vs 49ers Rivalry is beyond just numbers. Where numbers keep Packers higher, the impact of the matches that it lost was too much. The overall record stands at 35-30 with the Packers in the lead. They also played a tie. Considering the last five games, Niners seem to have an edge. Niners won four fixtures with 30-22, 45-31, 34-28, and 23-20. The last match the two teams played was on Oct 4, 2015, where Packer won it 17-3.

Origin of Packers-49ers Rivalry

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry arose to the peaks when the Packers beat the Niners in an NFC Divisional game in 1995. The outcome ended all the chances of Super Bowl Repeat. Making things even, Niners did the same in an NFC Wild Card game in 1998. Terrell Owens made a 25-yard touchdown off a Steve Young’s pass that won the game for Niners. Packers then defeated Niners in 8 consecutive games before losing is to them yet again in an NFC Divisional game.

The impact of Packers vs 49ers Rivalry

This Packers-49ers Rivalry is often said to be the most impactful for the players and coaches as well as the fans of the two sides. Several playoffs games defined the career of the players and coaches. Pacers emerged with a huge win against the dominating Joe Montana and his team. Brett Favre is the name made up of the Packers’ 27-17 win in 1995 NFC divisional round.

The Packers and Niners head-ons have been magical. The two teams created some of the most incredible and unbelievable matches. The two teams made the outcomes unpredictable for every meet of theirs. That’s why the fans of both the sides keep these matches in their bet moments.

Most Exciting Moments of Packers-49ers Rivalry

Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry rivalry has been ones of the longest in American Football. The two teams cherished numerous moments that are hard to forget. Here are the best ones.

  •  Seifert’s Decision: Green Bay rallied from lagging with 17-6 to tie the scores at 17-17. George Seifert didn’t go for the match ending touchdown and went on to try two running plays. Then the quarterback Elvis Grbac fall on the ball for a 28-yard goal. Seifert later said he wanted to force the Packers to use the timeouts, but Favre had 1.42 that was enough for him to score the game-tying goal.
  • Adam Walker fumbled: Niners were favorites in 1995 as defending champions. Packers also had won the Wild Card game for the third consecutive times. In the match, fullback Adam Walker playing with a cast on his hand caught a pass, but the ball jarred away to Packers’ linebacker Wayne Simmons who took on in no time. Cornerback Craig Newsome made a 31 yards touchdown. Packers won 27-17.
  • Young’s drive of Win: Packers lead 27-23 in the Wild Card game following 1998 season. Young along with other mates took the possession at their own 24-yard line with just 1:50 remaining. Just when the Packers seemed to take away the game, Young came up with a career defining drive. He made a pass to Terrel Owens who scored the winning 25-yard touchdown with just 3 seconds left.
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