Giants vs 49ERS Rivalry

New Yorks Giants vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry : A bitter NFL Rivalry

New Yorks Giants vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry
New Yorks Giants vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry 2018 Getty Images

The New Yorks Giants vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry now spans more than 3 decades. They saw each other during the playoffs and the post season a total of 39 times. The fans have built a natural rivalry against each other. They from either side are fueled by how close the results of those 39 matches are. Currently, the New York Giants are in front, with 20 wins of 39 games, while San Francisco 49ers is close, at 19. Their postseason wins are even closer. The Giants-49ers rivalry games  are tied at 4 wins of 8 games in the

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The Giants vs 49ers Rivalry started in the 80s, during time when both teams were starting to gain popularity. That time  they were fielding players that would soon become NFL Hall of Famers. During their first two controversial playoff meetings in the 1981 and 1984, it was Joe Montana who led the 49ers to victory. He does so into  2 Super Bowl championships later in those seasons. The scores were 38–24 in ’81 and 24–10 in ’82. Both of the game took place at the now historical Candlestick Park.

After those illustrious and fan-celebrated wins, the New York Giants made their come back, winning the following three playoff meetings against the 49ers. Two of the most controversial ones, are the 1986 49-3 Giants win and 1990 NFC Championship. That game is so memorable because it was a great upset for the San Francisco 49ers. Thus  the Giants-49ers rivalry became remarkable.

That 1990 game was supposedly the 49ers third NFC Championship in 3 years, but because Roger Craig lost a fumble, the Giants won, 15-13. The hard part for the fans, and for sure for the players and the coaches as well, to accept was 49ers were on the lead until the fourth quarter. In the years of those two controversial games, the New York Giants won both Super Bowl championships. Those were their first two.

 Recent Giants vs 49ers Rivalry Games

Their most recent meeting was in the 2011 NFC championship, where it all started – at the Candlestick Park. A lot of fans and experts would say that the 2011 game was similar in a lot of ways to the 1990 game. Because it was a low scoring upset of a game, won at the last minute, and whose winner, the Giants, went on to win the Superbowl. It’s not surprising that their fans are as much invested in the rivalry off the field as the players are on the field.

 Giants vs 49ers Rivalry Schedule 2018

The 49ers host the giants at Levi’s Stadium on November 12, 2018. Since Its on Sunday, crowds of cheering 49ers fans will mount up  the winning spirit of Niners to make it tougher for New York Giants. On the other hand the Giants would not let it go out of their grip since the Giants lead all time series by 20–19.


Sunday, October 21 at 8:20p ET
Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium


Sunday, December 30 at 4:25p ET
San Francisco 49ers vs Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

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