Seahawks vs 49ers Rivalry

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry : A Bitter One

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry
San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks Rivalry 2018 Getty Images

49ers vs Seahawks Rivalry History

Before 2002, the Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry  was under the radar. They were in different conferences. They both suffered from being mediocre teams. Neither team was especially concerned with the other. In 2002 when the Seahawks returned to the NFC, they were in direct competition with each other. The geographical closeness served to ramp up 49ers vs Seahawks Rivalry.

Things really started to heat up in 2011 with some coaching changes. Back in 2010, Pete Carrol came from USC to lead the Seahawks as head coach. The next year, the 49ers snagged Jim Harbaugh from Stanford. These two had a serious rivalry at the college level, and they brought this competition to the NFL.

From 2010 – 2014, the two teams alternated being the champions of the NFC West. In the 2013 season, the Seahawks won Super bowl XLVIII… their first super bowl win. This came after defeating the 49ers in the NFC championship game. The deciding play was a stunning end zone interception by cornerback Richard Sherman.

The Seahawks currently lead the 49ers vs Seahawks Rivalry series of 37 meetings by 22 – 15. In the regular season, they play two games against each other. The 49ers have not won a game against the Seahawks since their first match up of 2013 that December.

The Players, the Coaches, and the Fans

Both teams feel that they are a better team than their rival. The players follow the rivalry example set up by their coaches. They both play with the intention of leaving the other team in utter defeat. In 2013, 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis said it best on 49ers vs Seahawks Rivalry. He remarked “We’re not throwing little jabs that barely hurt. We’re trying to knock each other out.”

When the Seahawks drafted Russell Wilson in 2012, the fuel was on the fire in Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry. It was a classic good guy/bad guy showdown. Kaepernick and Wilson faced each other without flinching. Kaepernick looked fierce, built like a tank. He had a strong, muscular build, a ton of tattoos, and was relatively quiet in the press.

Wilson, on the other hand, looked like the All-American stereotype. He had a smaller, athletic build. He said all the right things in the press. They couldn’t be more different in persona.

There were complaints on both sides about roughness on the field. But, they had both adopted a politically correct facade to downplay the drama in the media. The general perception is that Harbaugh tends to bring about confrontation. He’s known as a tough guy. Carroll’s strategy hinges on energy and charisma.

49ers vs Seahawks Rivalry Schedule 2018

Below goes the schedule of Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers Rivalry to be held on this season. These rivals teams will encounter each other ijn week 2 & 12. The Seahawks- 49ers Rivalry is thus expected to be on fire once again.


Sunday, December 2 at 8:20p ET
San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks
CenturyLink Field


Sunday, December 16 at 4:05p ET
Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers
Levi’s Stadium

This fierce rivalry between the players and coaches had extended to the fans. The Seahawks made waves in 2013 by flying a banner over Candlestick Park, home of the 49ers. It said “Go Hawks”. San Francisco fans responded by taking out billboards in Seattle. They showed a picture of a game winning touchdown by the 49ers and the words “The Catch”.

Is the Seahawks- 49ers Rivalry  Over?

In 2018, some say that the rivalry between the Seahawks and the 49ers is dead. Jim Harbaugh returned to college football, and coaches for the Michigan Wolverines now. Colin Kaepernick is gone from the 49ers. The Seahawks have been in the sunshine for several years now, and maybe it’s not the competition it used to be. Others say that the Seahawks- 49ers Rivalry will never be over as long as they play in the same division. It may not be over, but most people agree that it will never reach the fevered pitch it hits between 2011- 2013.

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