San Francisco 49ers Fans


Football has a huge following on social media. NFL is  one of the most followed leagues. The teams that play in it are probably the most  followed teams across the country. San Francisco 49ers  is top of them for its overwhelming number of fans. Fans  can get up close and personal with them all over social media.

The San Francisco 49ers has built themselves an impressive fan base on Facebook, hitting 4,213,223 likes and 3,884,430 people talking about them. Their page promotes the team’s upcoming events, some impressive prize giveaways, photos, recent videos with the team members.

San Francisco 49ers Fans
San Francisco 49ers Fans

49ers Fans on Social Media

The Team has  developed a depth of information across all social media through their SF 49ers Google Plus, SF 49ers Twitter  Fans pages. Thus  they can include fans of all ages and abilities. They’ve kept each page personal and approachable. So fans feel that they can like, comment, or share the posts that they love.

Fans can watch  latest 49ers video on SF 49ers YouTube Fans page. The page not only showcase  typical game videos but also excited and funny videos of 49ers games.You can also watch most exciting  cheerleaders video on the page.

49ers NFC Fans

Being  the first f5 time Super Bowl title winners, 49ers gets support and hails from other team’s fixed fans. The season they made it up to NFC championship, other divisional teams fan hails them. In those super bowls game they could take the fan by their side. thus San Francisco has had  diverse fans across the country.

49ers Cheerleaders Fan 

The female fans and cheerleaders of San Francisco 49ers are the hottest in the world. San Francisco 49ers cheerleaders squad ,Gold Rush, comprises of most talented and beautiful  cheerleaders.Their display of captivating performance entertains millions of fans. Even the squad  attracts fans of other teams . Hence fans can get updates of gold Rush  from 49ers Cheerleaders page of the site.

 Crazy 49ers fans

The fans of 49ers are off the charts when it comes to the crazy support. They show their love in the wildest forms imaginable. Whether it is through fights or tailgating or through other means such as props or tattoos. Even they keep on supporting the team by using  49ers products & souvenir. For this, many giant online shops maintain San Francisco 49ers Fan Shop pages. has San Francisco 49ers Gear fan Shop and Walmart has San Francisco Fan Shop page ebay has San Francisco 49ers Souvenirs.


Fans’ Forum


Beside official social media pages, provides Forum page for 49ers’ fans to discuss on going games. also provides such scope featuring fan club page named Fan Only.


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