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49ers vs Cardinals Football Battle Prediction Week 4

49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction
49ers vs Cardinals Week 4

49ers come up to meet with Cardinals after a tragic loss against Rams. Yeah, it’s true that it’s a perfect melancholy for the team San Francisco. Similarly to the 49ers, the same thing happened with the team Arizona. They also feel glum after losing against Cowboys by a huge margin (28-17). Although 49ers lost the match they have still some positives that they may apply to Sunday match. On the other hand, Cardinals had the chance to win against Cowboys but some mistakes from the offensive end could not make this happen.

As both teams lost their previous game, they both want to bring back their lost caliber. But one team will get the opportunity to conquer the football battle. 49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction will be shown that how and why a certain team will grab the match. In the 49ers vs Cardinals game prediction part, we will analyze their individual strength and the possibilities of winning the Sunday Football battle. Let’s see what will be going to happen on the Sunday Football battle through a prediction.

49ers vs Cardinals Week 4 Football Battle Prediction

In the week 4 Arizona host San Francisco for the battle. Before the do or die match both teams perhaps practice a lot to survive the contest. Cardinals may use one of the best weapons Carson Palmer on the defensive line in order to neutralize the 49ers. On the contrary, San Francisco uses Aaron Lynch, Solomon Thomas, and DeForest Buckner to survive in the contest.

In the last season, San Francisco failed to win a game except for the won against Los Angeles. In this sense, Arizona was in a good position in the last season where they won 7 of 16 games including two times won against the San Francisco. But miraculously the 49ers lead the all-time series by 29-22 with the Cardinals. Similarly to the last season, San Francisco’s present season so far is not good enough. On the contrary, Arizona so far in a good touch in the NFL 2017. So, 49ers vs Cardinals game prediction goes 70% winning chances of the Cardinals.

Week 3: 49ers vs Rams Football Fight Odds, Prediction 2017

2017 Week 3: 49ers Rams Football Fight Odds, Prediction
San Francisco 49ers vs. Los Angeles Rams Week 3

The team 49ers is a consternation for the Rams. Because perhaps 49ers consternate Rams by winning against them. To the San Francisco it seems that Los Angeles is the lucky team for defeating. Furthermore, Rams were the only team the 49ers could beat in 2016. Although the won was not blowout victory for the San Francisco, it was the first victory for the coach Kyle Shanahan.  But except the win against Los Angeles, San Francisco continuously performed badly. So, Rams should be better against 49ers in this season.

Rams already doing better under the coach Sean McVay. They destroyed Colts in reg week 1 with a huge margin(46-9) express their strength in 2017 NFL under McVay. On the other hand, 49ers lose against Panthers by a huge margin (23-3) which send to the backfoot in the match against the Rams. But yet the question may peep into the fans heart that who will be the winner on Thursday night? Are Rams make the history by winning against 49ers? Are 49ers keep the consecutive win against Rams in NFL 2017? This queries may remove on Thursday night but 49ers Rams Prediction can remove this queries right now.

2017 Week 3: 49ers Rams Football Fight Odds, Prediction

Rams and 49ers both are in almost same position so far in NFL 2017. Among them, LAR is slightly ahead than SF. For the sake of San Francisco Los Angeles Prediction, it needs to analyze both teams 2016 NFL stats. 49ers 2016 stats depicts that how dangerous they are against Rams. in 2016, San Francisco won only two matches which against Los Angeles. Similarly, Rams 2016 NFL was not so good as well but it was better than 49ers. Moreover, Rams performance in NFL 2017 is good so far than 49ers. So, Rams are in a good touch in this season. On the contrary, the last five matches between SF vs. LAR, 49ers won most of the games and leads the all-time series (68-64-3) as well. So, 49ers Rams Prediction goes 60% winning chances of 49ers.

San Francisco at Los Angeles Kick-Off Time & Venue

San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panther Game Levi’s Stadium Sunday

Niners Might Surprise Us at Levi’s Stadium Sunday

San Francisco 49ers kick off their season with a game against Carolina Panther. history of 49ers shared with the Panthers is not soothing enough. Being stronger and enough experienced team, the team from San Francisco Bay have not won each game they played with the Panthers, rathers the Panthers are ahead winning  12 of total 20 battles with the 46ers. Last season, both teams upset respective fans not being able to make 2016 season to play off at least. San Francisco 49ers are in Super Bowl drought since 1994. Carolina, on the other side, is still struggling to be in the line of Super Bowl winning teams. Their last attempts in 2003 and 2015 ended in failure.

Moreover, Both teams played well at 2017 preseason and ended up with average two wins. I think that’s enough to make a start. Now this season is most important to get the glory they are looking forward to. Each game needs to be played at best effort. hence no team will take the match lightly. Let’s take a look at the stats and factors that need to be considered before making a prediction.

 49ers vs Panther game 2017  Live TV Schedule

San Francisco 49ers vs Carolina Panther Game Prediction

Most experts’ pick is Carolina for its healthy Stats. But San Francisco might surprise them by winning it. Though the Panthers are ahead of total previous encounters, it might stumble at Levi’s Stadium. Fans from San Francisco Bay area will do their best to cheers the players who were exhausted at last two mismanaged seasons under Jim Tomsula and then Chip Kelly.

The matter of bliss for the 49ers is that they have made a good hire at head coach, Kyla Shanahan. He was the offensive coordinator in Atlanta. His new strategy with young Niners might work and surprise all.